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 Our Clients

FDML work with a wide range of clients, across many industry sectors. We have experience in providing distribution for a vast range of materials, items and products.

Below is a small sample of the typical sectors that we work in. For more information about how FDML can help with the distribution of your items, please contact us.


FDML assist many companies with the distribution of books, magazines and time-sensitive materials. Our distribution solutions provide for multiple and one-off deliveries.

Pet Supplies

We provide a fully bespoke national distribution service for a large Pet supplies company. Fulfilling deliveries of pallets and single items.

Medical Equipment

The transportation and delivery of important medical equipment and supplies.


FDML provide the distribution of a wide range of cosmetic items - directly from the distribution warehouse to beauty salons andn Department stores.


We provide shipping arrangements for a wide range of clothing manufacturers, including one-off and larger items.


We specialise in providing the right service for your items. We ship items such as Cameras and photographic equipment - ensuring the safety of your consignment at every stage of delivery.


We can offer specialist distribution for items such as glass bottles and other items with unique requirements. For more information, please contact us.

Other clients

We also provide solutions for companies distributing:

Sports equipment
Nursery equipment
Cycling equipment
Bathroom & Kitchen equipment supplies

FDML are able to offer our clients fully bespoke distribution services for any type of item. For further help and information about our distribution services, please contact us.

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FDML offer the following services: Uk parcels delivery, Uk freight services, Courier services, Worldwide freight services, Uk and Rest-of-world delivery services, fleet management, vehicle aquisition, car hire, contract hire, daily rental.